My first solo trip abroad

Last week I booked my first solo vacation. I just decided on a whim that I wanted to go. I’ve never really traveled alone and I think it’s something you just have to do at least once in your life. That is why I started this blog today, so that I can write about my travels and adventures.

I’m the kind of person who worries about everything and who makes lists, timetables, complete itineraries and even sets up a spending budget beforehand and still manages to mess things up when I’m away so this trip will sure be interesting!

Now a bit more information about my trip; I’m flying over to London for four days and I’m staying at The Generator Hostel near King’s Cross. Even though I’ve been to London twice before this trips has got a lot of “firsts” for me; It is my first time staying at a hostel in a dorm room, it is my first time flying by myself and it is the first time in my life travelling alone somewhere where I don’t have anyone to rely on if things go bad.

But London is an amazing town, full of life and filled with endless things to see and do and since I’ve already explored most of the “must-sees” and touristy sites before, this time around I hope get to really experience the city in a more genuine and local way. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you’ll be staying around and read about my adventure!

Inside the London Eye October 2012

Inside the London Eye October 2012


One thought on “My first solo trip abroad

  1. Irwineyes

    Most definitely. The best way to explore an area is from a local’s view on where they live. This is so exciting and happy travels!



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