First time shooting with a gun!

I thought I’d tell my story about my first time shooting. It was during my trip to Riga with my boyfriend last year.

On our third day in Riga there we went to a sketchy shooting range we booked online at Kings of Shooting, but don’t let the flashy website fool you like it did with us. We got picked up in a silver colored Mercedes by a guy with a heavy accent who drove us a long way out of town to what looked like an abandoned industrial area located next to a train track.

We looked at each other like “What the hell did we get ourselves into?!”.

Our driver then got out the car and unlocked the door to a big yellow, two story wooden warehouse where there were no windows on the first floor and led us up the stairs and told us to wait there.

He called for someone and an old lady came out with three sets of ear protection and a big black box where we soon found out that the guns were held in. He then gave us the ear protection and showed us into a long and narrow room with sound proof walls and bad lighting. There were no security between us and the green paper targets they had put up on the back wall.


We weren’t allowed to load the guns ourselves and before we got to try each one he gave us a quick demonstration in poor English. I asked my boyfriend to go first and having no experience shooting before, he did good, I guess having played a lot of first person shooter games growing up he had picked up a thing or two. I did okay, at least I managed to hit the targets. Our instructor was also surprised, but when it was my turn to try the shotgun he said “No, weapon too heavy for girls” and brought me a smaller handheld gun to use instead. I refused, I had paid good money to try out a shotgun but he laughed and gave in.

The whole experience felt a lot like you were living in the Grand theft Auto games universe. But overall I’m glad we went, I got a new found respect for how hard it actually is to shoot, Hollywood makes it look so easy. However on the website where we bought the tickets you could choose to include to be picked up in a limo or for a ‘bikini babe’ or stripper to join you at the shooting range and I can imagine how awkward that would have been for both parties. I mean this place didn’t exactly scream high class bachelor party.

The package we bought was called ‘Get him out of the way!‘ and we got to try out three weapons, a Glock, a 12 Gauge Shotgun and a Russian sniper similar to an AK 47. We also each got a diploma with our names on and we got to keep the shooting target papers. This all cost 49 euros. The ride over to the shooting range was included but we had to pay extra to get a ride back into town.

I’m not sure I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to try out shooting for the first time, but I saw some of the reviews of their site giving them thumbs up for having no security so if that’s what you are looking for, maybe this is your thing. All in all this was an experience, a little different, but it sure makes a fun story to tell the future grand kids about.


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