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I booked a trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas!

After a summer filled with all work and no play (hence the silence in the blog) I decided it was time for a vacation. What’s the meaning of having money saved up in the bank if you’re not going to spend it, right? You Only Live Once and all that.

So I went on the internet to search for cheap airplane tickets and got an offer I could not refuse. For some time I’ve been thinking of going to Florida, mostly to visit the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, but the boyfriend wasn’t game when he heard about the hurricane season and the tickets were way too expensive. So I started looking at the west coast, decided for Los Angeles and pestered the boyfriend til’ he agreed to go with me.

We booked two one-way tickets from Copenhagen to Los Angeles because we though; “hell since it’s an eleven hour flight over we might as well throw in Vegas while we’re there!” and we decided we were going to fly home from Las Vegas. Also we had just a week earlier finished an Oceans Eleven marathon and were feeling lucky.

We are leaving in a few weeks and I’m so excited. I’ve always wanted to celebrate Halloween in America. Sure we’ve adapted some of the festivities here in Sweden, like the masquerade part and you’ll find some spooky decorations and pumpkins here and there, but it has always been on my bucketlist to experience the real deal in the states. I‘m not a big fan of warm weather either so going to the west coast in the fall season seemed like a good idea since it is a perfect 20 °c.

And since we both have been playing GTA V on PS4, where you run around and do crazy stuff in Los Santos, a satirical copy of Los Angeles, we practically know our way around the town already!

Some things that we have been thinking of doing while we’re there are the big touristy stuff like visiting Univeral Studios, Beverly Hills, Hollywood blv, the Santa Monica pier, the Grand Canyon and maybe Disneyland (we haven’t really decided about that one yet). And of course visit a lot of filming locations from our favorite movies and TV shows but other than that we haven’t made any plans yet. I’m sure I’ll be writing a full itinerary with a tight time schedule before be leave.

If anyone have any suggestions for what we should see while we’re there, feel free to leave a comment!

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