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Mini hiking trip to Kullaberg and Nimis, Sweden

geniusjennieWent hiking for the first time on my own free will last weekend (being forced at school field trips when I was a kid doesn’t really count).
Me and the boyfriend took a train to Helsingborg and then took a bus to the small village Arild where we started the hike though Kullaberg, a big nature reserve that lies along the coast line in the north west of Skåne and ended the hike at the vacation spot Mölle.
I found the hiking trail online at Skåneleden which is a website where you can search for trails through the countryside of Skåne. The trail as a whole is over 1000 kilometers long so there are a lot of mini trails to choose from. Us being newbies at this and known to be quite the couch potatoes of course chose the shortest one that looked easy, but boy were we wrong.

Typical Swedish countryside houses in Mölle.

Typical Swedish countryside houses in Arild.


Look at these cute sheep we met at the start of our hike, so fluffy!


The view from on top of one of the hilltops along the trail.

All in all we walked 15 km, or 9 miles if you will, and that doesn’t sound that long but it wasn’t exactly a flat gravelled path.. The trail is sometimes quite harsh, really steep and unforgiving to one who is not used to hiking and walking along forest paths that are not man made. I swear the path were a 80 degree angle at some point even if the boyfriend disagrees.

Although I succeeded to avoid getting a sprained ankle or falling on my face, there were some trips and close calls. Thankfully they are not captured on camera.


The reason behind the hike was also to have a look at the controversial art installation Nimis, built in 1980 by artist Lars Vilks that has become a tourist attraction. It’s is made out of driftwood and consists of sparsely nailed together planks and branches forming passageways, rooms and towers. It’s quite the sight and reminded me of old pagan horror stories. 

But I have to say, the almost hidden trail that leads down to the installation reminded me of back in 2008 when I visited Paris and thought it was a good idea to take the stairs up along the Eiffel tower, but much more difficult and dangerous since you have to walk down a ridiculously steep route packed with tree roots and stones.

To find your way there you have to follow a trail of spray painted trees in the forest with the letter ‘N’ on them. I would say it was worth it though.


One of the Nimis towers, “Wotarnas torn”.


Now I wasn’t really dressed for the part I admit, who the hell wears a kimono on a hike?

It was a really really hot day that day but I would say I got a taste for hiking and I would really like to do it again this summer. Also next time I would like to go for a longer hike and maybe bring a tent to stay the night in the woods. Something I haven’t done in years.